About Kyokushin

Sosai Masutatsu Oyama

Sosai Masutatsu Oyama

Kyokushin Karate was founded in the early 1960’s by the late Grandmaster Masutatsu Oyama. The Japanese translation of “kyokushin” is as follows:

KYOKU – ultimate

SHIN – truth

Kyokushin is therefore translated as “the search for the ultimate truth”.

Kyokushin is well known for its disciplined and rigorous training. Influences of Shoto-kan and Goju-ryu, which were also studied by Mas Oyama in his early years, can be seen in various techniques and kata (forms) in the Kyokushin system

Kyokushin Philosophy

Keep your head low (modesty), eyes high (ambition), mouth shut (serenity); base yourself on filial piety and benefit others

Kyokushin Spirit

“The heart of our karate is real fighting.
There can be no proof without real fighting.
Without proof there is no trust.
Without trust there is no respect.
This is a definition in the world of Martial Arts.”