What to Expect


DCKK Mission

DCKK is a supportive and family orientated environment committed to helping students achieve their fitness goals and a more balanced physical and mental well being.  Karate classes at DCKK are taught in a structured and disciplined environment. Emphasis is placed on effort and coaching students toward an attitude of perseverance. This attitude helps students to constantly challenge and overcome their self-imposed limitations. This practice aids students in dealing more effectively with everyday difficulties. 


DCKK is owned and operated by Mark Fonda, 2nd degree black belt (Nidan) in Kyokushin Karate (kee-yo-ku-shin). Mark has operated DCKK for the past 6 years and has an extensive teaching and coaching background in martial arts, group fitness and other individual and team sports.  DCKK utilizes other black belts and advanced belts to aid in the teaching and control of the training hall.


DCKK utilizes a structured training syllabus which allows gradual development of strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination.  The student handbook outlines each rank and the specific requirements  needed to obtain each level.


Traditional rules of etiquette and procedures; “reigi” are observed in the dojo to ensure safe and smooth operation, as well as to honor and uphold longstanding Japanese traditions.  All training commands, names of techniques, etc are taught in Japanese.  Children especially, enjoy learning Japanese and consequently grasp it very quickly.

 Tournaments / Camps / SeminarsIMG_4320

DCKK is an official dojo of the International Karate Organization Kaikan Canada (IKOKC) and being affiliated with this large organisation affords many opportunities to compete in tournaments at many levels; locally, regionally and even internationally.  DCKK students will all have the opportunity to attend training camps and special seminars to broaden and expand their training experience.

So, whether you are looking to improve your balance, strength, coordination, learn self defense, or challenge yourself and compete in a tournament, DCKK has something for you.  Together with my assistant instructors I will make sure you get the most out of your karate experience and help you meet your goals.